The 3 Most Important Marketing Resolutions You Can Make For 2018

Reading time: about 3 minsFor many agents, it’s already 2018. That’s right, it’s time to plan, forecast, predict, and look ahead to what’s next. A big part—if not the most important part—of preparing for your next 12 months of business is deciding where to put your marketing dollars. Industry trends suggest that in total, 10% of your commission income […] Read more

Holiday Image

Record Shopping Season For Web Retailers Can Give Online Advertisers A Leg Up

Reading time: about 2 minsAh, the holidays: a time for mirth and merriment, Turner Classic Movies, eggnog, no-longer-ironic bad sweaters, and pre-dawn Walmart riots. Oh, and shopping. Can’t forget shopping. It’s All Online This year’s Black Friday sales produced $5 billion for online retailers in 24 hours, according to That’s a new record, and a 16.9% increase from […] Read more

Digital Advertising: The New Drip Campaign

Reading time: about 3 minsE-mail marketing is a proven, affordable way for real estate agents to earn new and maintain existing relationships. It’s not quite as easy as the popular term “drip campaign” suggests it might be, however. Drip campaigns imply that the same message can be left to “drip” into inboxes month after month, sent with the hope […] Read more

What Inc. 500 means to Adwerx

Reading time: about 2 minsAt Adwerx we have one mission: make brilliantly simple digital ads that anyone can use. That mission came from a larger belief that every small business deserves the same type of tools that big businesses have. That belief is why we are so proud to be among the Inc. 500 of America’s Fastest Growing Private […] Read more

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Why real estate agents need to think about cyber security

Reading time: about 2 minsIn a former life, Jason Frazier was an information security professional. Today, as the CIO of Mason McDuffie Mortgage and the @RealEstateCIO, he still takes it very seriously. He contributed this post after an exchange on a Facebook Group. I did a training class last year for realtors on Cyber Security. The subject was the Wire Fraud […] Read more

Amy Youngren Adwerx Case study

Adwerx Case Study: Amy Youngren of North Group, Canada

Reading time: about 1 minsIndustry: Real Estate Products: Sphere Ads Customer Name: Amy Youngren Brokerage/Business Name: North Group, Canada “Adwerx is all about exposure marketing. It’s hard to put an ROI on the value of being everywhere online!” For years, real estate agents in Canada have asked if Adwerx would work for them. As of 2017, the answer is yes. One of […] Read more

Wes Pinkston mindful

The Dance between Patience and Mindful Real Estate Sales

Reading time: about 4 mins  Wes Pinkston is an award winning real estate coach and has been featured in the Swanepoel Power 200 and Inman News. He works with his client’s one on one, to develop a fully customizable program that is specifically catered to their learning style. As a real estate coach, he assists his clients with entering […] Read more

A veteran and a rookie? Yes! Meet real estate agent Amy Nease

Reading time: about 3 minsShe went from selling sites to selling — and buying — homes Real estate agent Amy Nease spent 16 years selling in the same neighbourhood. Granted, the neighbourhood was a 1700 acre golf community in Florida. Amy was in site sales. But imagine the depths of expertise in an area after a tour of duty […] Read more

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